Video diaries – CoP 1

Prioritisation Framework

A prioritisation framework was designed and was one of the key elements used in the meeting. Attendees used the framework during group work to prioritise the evidence within the document. Additional information was provided on the framework such as does this evidence align with NICE guidance? The group were asked to consider each piece of evidence (excluding incomplete studies and women’s health studies) and focus on 3 key questions during the exercise:

  • Is this a clinical priority?
  • Is this a commissioning priority?
  • Is this a patient priority?

Questions were scored yes/no/unsure. Three groups scored the evidence, the total numbers of ‘Yes’ responses were counted and then the studies were ranked with the most numbers of Yes responses. The results are presented in order of priority (the highest scores indicates the first priority).

Reflections on the Moving Forward ambition

Mrs Helen Duffy, Head of NHS Engagement and Partnership, Keele University
Dr Anward Tufail, North Staffs NHS
Anne O’Brian,Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator, Keele University
Stephanie Gommersall, MICATS Team Leader,
Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Roger Graham, Commissioning Manager Staffordshire South
Mandy Parks, Patricia Callaghan and Deborah Hickson – patient and public members
Paula Deacon, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, South Staffs, and Emma Salt,
Consultant Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and NICE fellow
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

Reflections from Project Lead, Kay Stevenson

Kay Stevenson, Consultant Physiotherapist MPFT

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