Video diaries – CoP 2

Introduction to Community of Practice meeting 2 – Kay Stevenson

Consultant Physiotherapist Kay Stevenson explains the aims of the second Moving Forward Community of Practice meeting

The second Community of Practice meeting was held on 20.5.19 at Summit Hospitality in Newcastle under Lyme. Job titles of those attending included :

Keele University Honorary Research Fellow / Consultant Physiotherapist
Haywood Hospital Manager
MPFT Consultant Physiotherapist
MPFT Clinical Lead
MPFT MICATS team leader
Keele University Impact Accelerator Unit Knowledge Broker
Keele University Impact Accelerator Unit Manager
Keele University NHS Partnerships and Engagement Lead
Keele University Impact Accelerator Unit Director / Professor of MSK
Senior Knowledge Mobilisation Fellow / Consultant Physiotherapist
MPFT Managing Director
Patient representative – Keele University LINK group
Physio Research facilitator / Physiotherapist
Keele University Academic Clinical Lecturer
Clinical Specialist/Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellow
North Staffs Commissioner
Patient representative – Keele University LINK group
South Staffs Commissioner
STP Project Manager for Planned Care
Keele University Senior Research Fellow
Commissioning Manager
CSP Research into Practice Officer
MPFT Head of Research and Innovation
MPFT Head of Business and Service Development
Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation

Gwen Wynne Jones

Gwen Wynne Jones, Senior Research Fellow, Keele University

Tina Hadley-Barrows

Tina Hadley-Barrows, Physio Research Facilitator

Collen Munhuwa

Collen Munhuwa, South Staffs NHS Commissioner

Sallie Lamb

Professor Sallie Lamb, University of Oxford

Deborah Hickson

Deborah Hickson, Keele University Research User Group – Patient Representative

Helen Duffy

Helen Duffy, NHS Engagements and Partnerships Lead, Deputy Director of Keele University Impact Accelerator Unit

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