Lay Involvement in Knowledge Mobilisation – the LINK group

What is the LINK group?

The Impact Accelerator Unit has a dedicated Patient and Public group called the LINK (Lay Involvement in Knowledge Mobilisation). The LINK follows the National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) INVOLVE PPIE standards, promoting the patient voice in the implementation phase of research. Members join the LINK because they have professional, personal and volunteering networks and experiences. Their skills and connections help to pro-actively support staff in the Impact Accelerator Unit to improve healthcare in the NHS.

The LINK group

What was the LINK group’s role in Moving Forward?

LINK members, as well as Research User Group members with lived experience of physiotherapy treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, have two main roles in the Moving Forward project.

1. Community of Practice

The Community of Practice for Moving Forward is made up of clinicians, academics, commissioners and patients and the public. The LINK group provide the patient voice at these meetings.

2. Development of the public facing version of Moving Forward

The LINK group worked with IAU Knowledge Broker Laura Campbell and Research into Practice Officer for the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy Fran Hallam and the NIHR Dissemination centre to create a public version of the Moving Forward Review.

Moving Forward – Public Version